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General Info

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Jackie Latino - Director/Team Coach


Office Staff:

Sandy Duvall - Office Director/Manager

Amy Dardar - Office staff




Coaching Staff:

Mike King - Boys Team Director, Recreational Boys & Tumbling Coach

Nathan Moore - Boys Recreational, Girls Team, Tumbling Coach

Chirstina Vitter - Recreational Girls and XCEL Team Coach

Gabby Williams - Recreational Girls and Tumbling Coach

Jade Sanzone - Recreational Girls Coach

Ashley Lavine - Girls Team and Recreational Coach

Princetta Cummings - Girls Team Coach

Cheyenne Reynolds - Recreational Girls Coach

Megan Bradberry - Girls Recreational Coach

Angelika Creppel - Girls Recreational Coach

Steve Yancovich - Girls Team Coach

Glenn Landry - Boys Recreational Coach

Johnathan West - Boys Recreational Coach

Milicent Roussell - Royals Cheer Director

Kaylee Boaz - Royals Cheer Coach

Kristina Nguyen - Royals Cheer Coach

Jenna Pertuit - Royals Cheer Coach

Jenna Reed - Royals Cheer Coach

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